Creating a Foundation 4 WordPress theme

In the first version of Foundation 4 I found a JQuery conflict when creating a WordPress theme. This fix resolved me issue. Note the later releases of Foundation 4 may not require this fix. Kudos to Radek Stangel.

Menu toggle in top-bar (on small screen size) doesn’t work when you use default WordPres jQuery (version 1.8.3), however it works when you use standart 1.8.3 jQuery (tried the CloudFlare CDN one). I can’t find out why?

I’ve compared both jquery.js versions and the only difference is that the WP one has jQuery.noConflict(); at the end. I think this is it. Now just have to found how to solve it.

Ok, problem solved. The issue was caused by jQuery.noConflict(); I’ve just wrapped the foundation.min.js inside:


(function($) {

// the original content of foundation.min.js



and than initialize with: jQuery(document).foundation();



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