Why use WordPress – AN SEO perspective

SEO-friendly code

WordPress is based on PHP, which unlike web languages such as flash, can easily be read and interpreted by search engines. It has been coded with SEO in mind and it is all the better for it. Of all the CMS’s we’ve used WordPress is definitely the most SEO-friendly out of the box. With the help of a few tweaks and plugins you can make it even better. I highly recommend reading Joost De Valk’s article on WordPress SEO for more on how to make it as SEO-friendly as possible.

SEO-friendly URLs

Unlike many CMS’s WordPress also offers easy customisation of your URLs in order to make them SEO-friendly. An example of an SEO-friendly URL would be “www.widget-sellers.com/blue-widgets” where blue widgets is the main keyword you’re targeting. The URL can have a large effect on your search engine rankings and should always be considered.

On-Page SEO Plugins

There are countless plugins (free and paid) that make on-page SEO (and some off-page SEO) easier for WordPress. I’m not going to list them or review them because there’s already plenty of blogs that have done so. But it’s just another reason that WordPress is so great.

I personally use Yoast’s free WordPress SEO plugin. Yoast is a company run by Joost De Valk, who is very respected in the SEO industry, and an authority on WordPress SEO. The plugin allows you to quickly and easily edit meta titles and meta descriptions, robots.txt, create XML sitemaps and a range of other functions which will improve your SEO. It’s all about making the often time-consuming SEO process as fast and easy as possible.




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