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Wildcard Find & Replace in Sublime Text

As seen here: This should have been easier for me to understand, but regex still gives me headaches. For anyone wanting to run a search and replace in Sublime Text that contains wildcard values this can be used:
For example, we could use the following search string to find a set of anchor links.
<a href="[^<]+" data-attribute="Something special">[^<]+</a>
Find and replace regex wildcard in Sublime Text Using this in the Find: field within Sublime Text 2/3 would match both of the following links:
<a href="" data-attribute="Something special">Blog</a>
<a href="" data-attribute="Something special">About</a>
Just make sure you have the regex option selected, it looks like a fancy asterisk character and it’s the option farthest to the left in the search dialog. See the screenshot below for details.


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