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Responsive WordPress Images

WordPress has a few default classes used for things like image alignment, galleries and other html output by core features. This is a combination of the styles found in the default WordPress TwentyEleven theme, and some modifications of my own. Include this snippet with your css to save a bunch of time building your responsive  Full Article…


Internet Explorer 8 and disappearing images

I recently ran into a problem that was really hard to figure out. I was working on a responsive design where I used img {max-width:100%;} to make sure that images would be downsized rather than overflow in narrower viewports. It worked great everywhere… until I went to check in IE8. The site’s logo was gone! None of  Full Article…


Add subnav component and behavior to Bootstrap

Taken from GitHub here. I just spent an hour figuring this out so here’s how I did it. Please chip in if I’m doing something that is not necessary. Make sure that the link to the docs.css file is in the <head> of your document like this. The file that I’m using the subnav in is in  Full Article…