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Fix – Methods with the same name as their class

PHP4-style constructors still work on PHP7, they are just been deprecated and they will trigger a Deprecated warning. What you can do is define a __construct method, even an empty one, so that the php4-constructor method won’t be called on a newly-created instance of the class. Change to:


How to view the number of unique visitors to a page

As seen here: You can see the number of unique visitors to your site as a whole in Google Analytics’ Audience report. But if you go to Behavior > Content Drilldown, to view a particular page of set of pages, you can only see “unique page views”. Unique page views is a different measure to  Full Article…


Wildcard Find & Replace in Sublime Text

As seen here: This should have been easier for me to understand, but regex still gives me headaches. For anyone wanting to run a search and replace in Sublime Text that contains wildcard values this can be used: [^<]+ For example, we could use the following search string to find a set of anchor links.  Full Article…