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Guide to Cropping Thumbnails in WordPress

Originally seen here: Thumbnails come in handy in all sorts of places in WordPress. The most obvious is on the homepage with a list of blog posts. You can also use them in the content of a post. And depending on your theme, they can also be used on category listings, tag listings, search results,  Full Article…


WordPress custom image size cropping

Taken from: If you are using custom image sizes in your WordPress theme you likely know the problem. Cropping, rotating or flipping an image via the WordPress image editor, works just on the original. After editing the image is not available in your custom sizes anymore, all you get in your theme is the edited  Full Article…


Modify Youtube Oembed URLs

Expanded from here. There are different methods for modifying Youtube’s iframe url to get the look and feel you want for your embedded youtube video. WordPress offers Oembed functionality which makes it easy for WordPress users to input youtube urls into metaboxes, content, etc. What is not as straight forward is altering the appearance that  Full Article…