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Useful Google Spreadsheets Transpose Cell Values

=transpose(split(join(“;”,B:B)&join(“;”,C:C)&join(“;”,D:D)&join(“;”,E:E)&join(“;”,F:F)&join(“;”,G:G)&join(“;”,H:H)&join(“;”,I:I)&join(“;”,J:J)&join(“;”,K:K)&join(“;”,L:L)&join(“;”,M:M)&join(“;”,N:N)&join(“;”,O:O)&join(“;”,P:P)&join(“;”,Q:Q)&join(“;”,R:R)&join(“;”,S:S)&join(“;”,T:T)&join(“;”,U:U)&join(“;”,V:V)&join(“;”,W:W)&join(“;”,X:X)&join(“;”,Y:Y)&join(“;”,Z:Z),”;”)) =transpose(split(join(“;”,AA:AA)&join(“;”,AB:AB)&join(“;”,AC:AC)&join(“;”,AD:AD)&join(“;”,AE:AE)&join(“;”,AF:AF)&join(“;”,AG:AG)&join(“;”,AH:AH)&join(“;”,AI:AI)&join(“;”,AJ:AJ)&join(“;”,AK:AK)&join(“;”,AL:AL)&join(“;”,AM:AM)&join(“;”,AN:AN)&join(“;”,AO:AO)&join(“;”,AP:AP)&join(“;”,AQ:AQ)&join(“;”,AR:AR)&join(“;”,AS:AS)&join(“;”,AT:AT)&join(“;”,AU:AU)&join(“;”,AV:AV)&join(“;”,AW:AW)&join(“;”,AX:AX)&join(“;”,AY:AY)&join(“;”,AZ:AZ),”;”)) =transpose(split(join(“;”,BA:BA)&join(“;”,BB:BB)&join(“;”,BC:BC)&join(“;”,BD:BD)&join(“;”,BE:BE)&join(“;”,BF:BF)&join(“;”,BG:BG)&join(“;”,BH:BH)&join(“;”,BI:BI)&join(“;”,BJ:BJ)&join(“;”,BK:BK)&join(“;”,BL:BL)&join(“;”,BM:BM)&join(“;”,BN:BN)&join(“;”,BO:BO)&join(“;”,BP:BP)&join(“;”,BQ:BQ)&join(“;”,BR:BR)&join(“;”,BS:BS)&join(“;”,BT:BT)&join(“;”,BU:BU)&join(“;”,BV:BV)&join(“;”,BW:BW)&join(“;”,BX:BX)&join(“;”,BY:BY)&join(“;”,BZ:BZ),”;”)) =transpose(split(join(“;”,CA:CA)&join(“;”,CB:CB)&join(“;”,CC:CC)&join(“;”,CD:CD)&join(“;”,CE:CE)&join(“;”,CF:CF)&join(“;”,CG:CG)&join(“;”,CH:CH)&join(“;”,CI:CI)&join(“;”,CJ:CJ)&join(“;”,CK:CK)&join(“;”,CL:CL),”;”))


Slick View Mode Switch/Toggle

As seen on CodeDrops and GitHub. A simple view mode switch that has two example layouts, a grid and a list. A layout switch with two viewing modes: grid and list. The layout is defined by a view class that gets applied to the main wrapper. Some example media queries show how to make things  Full Article…


Post type selector for Advanced Custom Fields

As seen on Github: Plugin Copy the ‘acf-post-type-selector’ folder into your plugins folder Activate the plugin via the Plugins admin page Include Copy the ‘acf-post-type-selector’ folder into your theme folder (can use sub folders). You can place the folder anywhere inside the ‘wp-content’ directory Edit your functions.php file and add the code below (Make  Full Article…


How to Add Information to WooCommerce Emails

As seen here: WooCommerce emails include each line item in an order by default within an “order items” table. This table is automatically included in almost every WooCommerce transactional email, and displays the product quantity, price, and total. However, this isn’t the only data that WooCommerce has available for the order items table in its  Full Article…


Customising WooCommerce Order Emails

As seen on SkyVerge. You’ve lovingly setup your first WooCommerce shop: picked out that perfect theme (maybe one we recommend), polished your product page content to an irresistible shine, tested your frictionless checkout, and… received a nice enough but totally generic order email that in no way matches the look, the style of your shop.  Full Article…


Modifying queries with pre_get_posts

Written by Remi Corson. you can for example query only posts from a specific type and with a custom meta field key equal to a determined value. In the code below, we are targeting only custom post type called “portfolio” where meta key “project_type” is set to “design”, that’s a typical query that can be  Full Article…