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Multiple Loops without Duplication

If you need to break display your posts in different sections (like in Magazine themes), where you want to display a fixed number of posts first, and the remaining later, you can use this code to make multiple loops (with offsetting the fixed posts in the later loop). The first loop that will pull and  Full Article…


Query Orderby Parameters

Orderby Parameters Sort retrieved posts by this field. orderby=author orderby=date orderby=title orderby=modified orderby=menu_order Note: Only works with Pages. orderby=parent orderby=ID orderby=rand orderby=meta_value Note: A meta_key=keyname must also be present in the query. orderby=none – no order (available with Version 2.8) orderby=comment_count – (available with Version 2.9) Order Parameters Designates the ascending or descending order of  Full Article…


What Page Of Google Am I On?

This is a great little website that allows you to conduct Google searches and it will tell you what results page you rank on! Great stuff!


Show post creation and modified date

I’ll occasionally return to a post and revise it for improved methodology, test results or whatever. But the ‘posted on’ date always remains the same, even after the post has been updated. I feel that displaying only the ‘posted on’ date could be somewhat confusing, particularly when I state that I’ve updated the post in  Full Article…


Display tags related to category

Get tags related to one (or more) specific category? Taken from WP Receipes: First, here is the function you have to paste in your function.php file: Once you have pasted the function, you can use it in your theme: