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WordPress 404 email alerts

As seen on WP Mix: Here is a customized plug-n-play PHP script for reporting 404 errors via email. No editing required, just clean email alerts for each 404 error. To implement, simply include this script at the top of your theme’s 404.php file: No editing required, just include and done. To disable the email reporting, either remove the script  Full Article…


Password Protect & Custom Password Form 404

Taken from: Are your password protected posts and pages broken since upgrading to WordPress 3.4? Here is a little tip for anyone out there who may be using a custom password form to protect individual pages and posts. WordPress has this functionality built into its core but it is possible to customize the wording and  Full Article…


Pagination with custom post type listing

After a looong day debugging thru wordpress core, I managed to solve this issue. Basicly, you CANT have a PAGE and a CUSTOM POST TYPE with the same name. If you do, the permalink rewrite rules will get confused and trigger a 404. A very simple solution I’m using is: The page that lists the  Full Article…