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Dynamic user defined background images

This technique allows your WordPress content editors to specify their own custom background image for each page individually using custom fields (or meta boxes). Insert the following code into the head of your page: You will need to suppliment this with additional css which won’t need to change and can therefore be included in the  Full Article…


Redirect a Page Using Custom Fields

Today, I wanted to share a very quick tip that will allow you to insert an internal or external URL in a custom field for a page, and when a user visits that page, they will be redirected to the URL you put in the custom field. Why would you need to do this? Well,  Full Article…


Get Posts With A Specific Custom Field & Value

Add the query_posts() function just before the Loop. Change the meta_key and meta_value accordingly. The example shown below will get posts with custom field “review_type” with value “movie”.