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Deleting WordPress Comments in Bulk

Run the below query if you wish to bulk delete all the pending comments in wordpress. To run the query select SQL, paste the query and click GO. DELETE from wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = ‘0’ Run the following query if you wish to bulk delete all approved comments in wordpress DELETE from wp_comments WHERE comment_approved  Full Article…


Bulk delete WordPress posts

Taken from WP Stackexchange Don’t try to Bulk delete WordPress posts with SQL. There is post information is multiple tables. You will end up with orphan data scattered throughout the database. While it is possible to write the JOINs you’d need to delete everything, the SQL could be complex. Create a simple Loop and use the  Full Article…


Delete Posts Revisions from Your Database

WordPress has a lot of good features and one of them is Post Revisions. This was included in WordPress 2.6, even though this is a good feature, it can cause some problems. One of them is increase the size of your database. Depending on how long it takes you to write a post, you might  Full Article…