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Change Your Database Prefix to Improve Security

Taken from Dig WP: One of the awesome things about WordPress is that it’s a dynamicpublishing system that uses a database to store your site’s information: posts, options, plugin and theme settings – all of this data is stored in your site’s database. It’s like the brain of your WordPress installation. Unfortunately the WordPress database is also a prime target  Full Article…


20 Helpful WordPress SQL Queries Snippets

WordPress keeps every single scrap of information that is fed into it in a MySQL database, whether that be posts, pages, comments, blogroll, the plugin settings… everything. Yes, the WordPress admin backend is fantastic and it does allow you to control and edit all aspects of this information with ease. Up to a certain point  Full Article…


13 SQL Queries for WordPress

For example, if you needed to change some information across the board in WordPress, going through each record is very time consuming and prone to human error. By simply executing a SQL query against your WordPress database, you can make the necessary changes quickly and efficiently. Shown below are some SQL queries that can be  Full Article…