4 Things we love about WordPress


WordPress is simple to use. Creating posts and pages is as easy as writing documents in Microsoft Word. You can change content, add and remove pictures, and so much more! No longer are you held hostage by your web developer. You’ll only need to call us for major changes and software updates.


WordPress isn’t new. In fact, it has been under active development since 2003. WordPress is open source software which means that there are countless talented people working to ensure that the end product is constantly being improved and updated.


WordPress offers a plugin based system where tools and features can be “plugged in” and turned on and off when required. This is in addition to features being custom coded into your site. This allows further flexibility in the way you use and manage your site.

Great SEO

WordPress supercharges your online presence. With WordPress, you have full control of your content. This means you can update your site with fresh, unique content as frequently as you like. When it comes to ranking high, fresh, relevant content is king. No tricks, no scams, just a great website that will get great results.


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